Gong Cha Menu

Gong cha is an international beverage franchise specializing in freshly prepared bubble tea. It has opened over 1,650 Cafes in 20countries. I made a half-folded menu brochure for some of the drinks that Gong Cha offers, with a total size of 17 by 11 inches. I kept the Chinese characters in the current logo design and the red and black colors because I feel they are a large part of the brand's identity. However, I wanted to experiment with color so that the menu felt fresh. I chose colors that matched the colors of menu items- green for green tea, purple for taro milk tea, etc. For the cover, I cut out a simplified boba icon so that you can see through the first page—I cut out three circles and a straw icon as opposed to a traditional icon of a cup of bubble tea. I wanted to create something simple and clear to help viewers understand that this is a menu for bubble tea. 


Gong Cha Menu Back Cover, 2022


Gong Cha Menu Front Cover, 2022


Gong Cha Menu Inside Cover, 2022

Design Process