"Apple Pie" Oatmeal (Hug-In-A-Bowl)

I'm an oatmeal FIEND.

Usually, I have my oatmeal with turmeric and cinnamon, but today I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted a warm hug this morning, and what says "warm hug" than a bowl of Apple Pie oatmeal?

You will need:

- rolled oats (I usually eat about ¼ cup)

- 1 apple

- honey (per taste, I have a tablespoon)

- ground cinnamon (to taste)

- ground turmeric (optional, to taste)

- chia seeds (optional)

- kefir/milk (optional)

How to Make:

1) Slice the apple into chunks, thin strips...whatever suits your fancy!

2) Heat up a small pot and add the apple slices

3) Cover the apples with a small amount of water (boiling hot will help things cook faster!). Let simmer for a few minutes

4) Pour oatmeal + chia seeds (optional!) and add more water

5) Add turmeric and cinnamon while stirring the oatmeal

6) Add more water if you feel like, but once the apples are soft and most of the water has evaporated, you're done!

7) Remove from heat and pour into a bowl. Add honey and kefir/milk for creaminess.

8) Top it off with some berries if you'd like!

There you have it: how to make a hug in a bowl. Enjoy your oats!