Back to Ballroom: Day 2

Updated: Apr 12, 2020


Lesson: It doesn’t have to be difficult!

My muscles were so sore from my lesson two days ago! I was a vegetable for most of Saturday: I just ate, did homework, then ate some more. It was beautiful. Today, I was ready to be active again, so I went to Alisa’s Latin workshop. The lesson focused on swing and jive, two very similar dances (but jive is harder).

I haven’t danced jive in AGES. Jive is a lot like swing, but the kicks are higher and you’re expected to maintain a high level of energy despite twenty or thirty minutes of moderate to high-intensity movement. I wasn’t super exhausted, which made me really happy! I think my endurance is improving, thanks to all that speed walking from class to class.

Alisa has the best warmups. Her transition from the warmup to the actual lesson just made sense and it was so comforting to feel like I understood what was going on. I noticed I zone out a lot while I’m dancing, as in I don’t want to think about the movements--I just want to dance to the music. I’m starting to see how “undisciplined” my dancing has become, so all these dance lessons have been really useful.

I’m nervous for my lesson with Kris tomorrow. I’m telling myself that this spotlight isn’t that big of a deal and that people will be impressed no matter what. I think, more than anything, I want to impress myself. That’s why I’m so nervous!

Sorry for the shorter post--except for Alisa’s class I didn’t dance much. I’ve been busy updating the blog!

Until next time,


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