Back to Ballroom: Day 4

Updated: Apr 12, 2020


Lesson: It’s all in your head.

What a rollercoaster of a Wednesday!! I’m writing this on Thursday because I got home late yesterday and I was all wrapped up in the coronavirus news.

My college moved classes online until April, and I’m honestly really happy about it. With everything going on, I’d hate to be stuck in a breeding ground for illness. Plus, now I have extra time to focus on this blog and my YouTube channel.

Speaking of which… have you subscribed? You haven’t?! What are you doing??


The studio is still open--we’re spraying everything down, offering hand sanitizers left and right, etc. etc. It might close if things get worse, but right now we’re optimistic.

Yesterday, I was there early to practice. This time I wore socks with my heels, and that made a huge difference, but still. I felt like I was constantly off-balance, like something was wrong with my dancing. After a few minutes of practice, I was already frustrated.

I’ve gotten close with a lot of the students at the studio. One of them approached me, probably because I looked like I wanted to break something. After venting my frustration, she explained that her instructor told her to dance with more confidence. She understood the steps, but she just needed to convince the audience (and herself!) that she knew what she was doing.

Oh. That thing.

Our talk made a huge difference during my lesson. I put on my heels, repeating a phrase in my head like a broken record:

“I’m as good as a professional dancer. I’m as good as a professional dancer…”

I’ve been watching “Dancesport Pro Latin Finals” on YouTube every spare minute that I can. They’re leagues above me and intimidating as hell, but I’ve found comfort in them. Unlike ballet performances and ice skating competitions, not all the girls look the same (i.e. they’re not all 5’2 and tiny). I was watching one performance, and the crowd favorite was a taller girl with strong, fluid movements. She exuded confidence, dancing in her heels like she was born in them.

If you're interested in seeing REAL Latin dance, here's the link to the video I've been watching religiously. The commentary is a bit much at times, but you get the point. <--it's International Latin in a nutshell.

I pretended I was a professional during the lesson. And by some miracle, everything came easy.

Everything Kris explained to me just clicked. I was on such a high afterward because FINALLY, I wasn’t holding back, I felt stable in my heels, and best of all? After forty-five minutes of sweating up a storm, I felt like I could dance for another two hours. That's when I noticed the blisters and calluses covering my feet...

It’s incredible what your mind can do. Of course, I’m still nervous for the performance, but now I know I have to give myself a pep-talk beforehand. It seemed to make a difference in practice today.