Chai Tea Latte (Watch Out Starbucks!)

I was looking through our tea collection today, and guess what I found? A perfect, unopened box of Twinings "Chai Decaffeinated":

My mind went: Chai Tea Latte!

We have these mugs which are the size of a soup bowl... so I poured some hot water into that bad boy, added some milk and honey and voila!

Here's how to get the perfect Chai Tea Latte... at home! These tips are based on my coffee-shop days, so you can trust me. I know a thing or two about making chai tea lattes!

You Will Need...

- Chai tea packets

- Milk

- Honey or sweetener of choice

Here's How:

1) Pour boiling hot water to your tea

2) Mix in about 1 tbsp honey (or as much as you want!), stir to melt

2) In a separate cup, microwave the milk (I used ½ the amount of tea) for about 2 minutes, watching to make sure it starts bubbling

3) Add milk slowly, mixing as you pour

4) Voila!

Sip well, my friends.