I Took a Cold Shower Every Day for a Month. Here's What Happened.

Who knew cold showers had so many benefits? It increases your immunity, mental toughness, circulation, metabolism... Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon regularly took cold baths to combat depression and maintain health. My mom suddenly started taking cold showers, and after seeing how refreshed she seemed, I decided to give it a go.

After about a week, I was hooked.

The first week wasn’t easy. Oh boy, it wasn’t easy. But every day became more manageable, and just like that, a month flew by.

First, it was only for twenty seconds. Then those twenty seconds became forty, and that forty became a full minute. After more than a month of taking cold showers every day, I have plenty of results. Spoiler: I’m a big fan.

1. Better hair. Some say it doesn’t matter what water temperature you wash your hair with. Others say lukewarm first, then cold. Either way, my hair became noticeably heavier, thicker, and less greasy. Could this possibly be from my cold showers?

2. Better than caffeine...sometimes. Some days I felt like I didn’t need my daily cup of green tea (which is mostly for the an-tea-oxidants). I already felt awake from my daily adrenaline rush! Other days, especially towards the end of the month, I became so accustomed to cold showers that I stopped feeling that “jolt”. I mean sure, I still get a jolt but it’s not as surprising anymore. So cold showers are better than caffeine...depending on the day.

3. I mentally prepared for the day. That moment when you’re standing in the shower and it’s like: oh my gosh am I really gonna do this? And then you do it and you let out a small shriek but then smile to yourself bc you frickin did THAT?! It's such a great feeling, especially in the morning. Before I face the cold I tell myself: “if I can do this, I can do anything.” And you know what? It’s done wonders for my mental toughness. This past month has been nothing but a mental workout, from re-learning basic Latin steps to finding happiness from within. I credit my progress to daily cold showers, but who knows?

4. The cold never bothered me anyway. I went for a swim the other day and the water was crazy cold. Like my-fingers-are-turning-blue-and-I-can’t-stop-shivering cold. Piece of cake. It felt just like a cold shower, and guess what? I do that every morning. Take THAT, freezing ocean!

5. Faster muscle recovery. Some days I would wake up EXTREMELY sore from teaching, dancing, and stressing about things that really don’t need to be stressed about (i.e. am I making the right decision staying home and taking online college classes? am I doing enough/working hard enough?). But when I stood in that cold water, all I could think was “ahhhhhh!!!” and I promptly forgot that my muscles were tired from the stresses of the day before.

Don’t worry, I’m not forcing you to take cold showers every morning. What I am saying is that cold showers are no joke. I’ve had an unusually eye-opening, existential, and spiritual month. I feel present and balanced now more than ever. Could this be from taking cold showers every morning?

I don’t know. But the evidence seems overwhelming.

Good luck to you if you try this out! I encourage you to stick with it, even some days are more difficult than others.




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