Easiest Frittata Ever (+ Mini Quiches!)

Updated: Jan 10

Today, I remembered the importance of little things. I really wanted breakfast for lunch, so I made lunch for my family, specifically some frittata and mini quiches. It was pretty easy and actually really fun to whip up a concoction using whatever we had in our fridge. I'm so grateful that I have the ability to express my love in this way, and that we have the ingredients to make such yummy dishes. I hope you can spread some love with this recipe--food is the best healer.

You can put anything in your frittata! We had frozen spinach and corn, along with some fresh tomatoes. I was going to make pancakes too, but then I remembered we had these beauties:

Parathas. Parathas are a type of flatbread that's common in Indian cuisine. It usually accompanies various curries, rice-based dishes, etc. We LOVE frozen easy-to-cook parathas. I used to foo-foo frozen food, but now that I'm cooking more, I see frozen foods as time-saving deities. Yes, frozen parathas might not taste the same as fresh parathas made from scratch, but frozen ingredients are the way to go when you're short on time and need something delicious!

The parathas were excellent for providing versatility. Want a frittata-burrito? Be my guest! We also like our parathas with jam--we treat them like pancakes! For those of you who think pancakes are supposed to be eaten with syrup (and not jam), I'd be happy to have a civilized conversation that broadens your horizons.

The mini-quiche shells were ready-made, frozen puff pastry. Thank goodness they turned out fine, but I risked overstuffing the shells because of the fragile puff pastry dough. I also used the same "batter" I used for the frittata to make the quiche shells.

Okay, enough information. Let's get cooking!

Overall, I'd say it was a successful brunch.

I hope you find ways to give back to the community and those you love. For me, giving back was making brunch for my family today.

It's the little things.

Love (always),