Evening Glam (Pink Smokey Eye)

Need more makeup practice? Here's an easy glam makeup look for all that partying after quarantine!

Products I used (feel free to adjust per taste):


1) Eyes (each step should be done with a separate brush!)

  • Base shade (the shade closest to your skin tone): apply all over your eyelid in a circular motion

  • Medium shade: I used a pink shade, apply over lid in an "L" shape (no blending yet!)

  • Darkest shade: I used a deep brown, apply to outer corners of the eye in a "V" shape (still no blending!)

  • BLEND with a clean, fluffy brush in circular motions. Emphasize blending the outer part of your eye, dragging some of the colors closer to the inner corner

  • Sparkle/Glitter shade: with your finger, apply your "sparkle shade" to the center of your eyelid. Blend with your brush

  • Inner corner highlight: with a smaller brush, add some sparkle to the inner corner of your eye. This will make you look more awake!

2) Face

  • Concealer: Apply concealer wherever you feel is necessary. Blend with your fingers if it's a non-liquid formula. Otherwise use a blending sponge.

  • Powder: Apply across T-zone, preferably with a kabuki brush

3) Finish Your Eyes

  • Curl your lashes: for best results angle your curler facing the outer edge of your eye, then transition to the inner edge

  • Eyeliner: Using my "winged liner technique", I do a soft wing with more emphasis on lining the entire eye, not just from the pupil out

4) Finish Your Face

  • Bronzer: Apply bronzer to your cheekbones in a "3" shape, blending as necessary

5) Lips!

  • Lipstick: add a pink or purple-toned lipstick to finish off the look!

  • Lip gloss: optional, but makes your lips look fuller

Good luck!



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