"French-style" Meat

My mom came up with this one: she calls it "French-style meat." Whether it's French or not, no one will ever know! You can replace the beef with any sort of meat (or fish!). It's one of the easiest things to cook... ever!

You will need...

- 2-3 onions

- Meat of choice (we used about 3 slices of beef)

- 1 package of shredded swiss cheese

- Mayonnaise (eyeball amount)


Tenderize meat (if applicable). We use saran wrap and a metal tenderizer tool:

Arrange nicely in a skillet. Give meat packaging to your pet for their enjoyment:

Slice onions in halves, arrange on top of meat:

Squeeze as much mayonnaise as you can tolerate, add cheese, and let cover on LOW HEAT for 1 hour!