Easy Hairstyles to Change Up Your Look

Updated: Nov 11

I almost caved in and did something drastic with my hair. I considered cutting, coloring, hell, even shaving half of my head… anything to change up my look.

I just get bored sometimes, okay!

This is the first time I’ve had long hair with bangs, and honestly I’m not mad at it. I love the feeling of having long hair, but quarantine made me want to chop it all off again. Before quarantine, I styled my hair in braids, ponytails, braids with ponytails… anything to keep things interesting. I associate doing my hair with showing off--I like to change up my look with space buns, pigtail braids, Game of Thrones-inspired hair, etc. I like to stand out sometimes. Since I wasn’t getting out of the house much, I stopped doing my hair. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it really dampened my productivity. Every day was another day of sweatpants, t-shirt, scrunchie. BO-RING.

So, I tried a different hairstyle every day for five days. Those five days reminded me why beauty/fashion is important: it helps you feel put together, in control, and a little spontaneous (you determine the risk factor).

This “challenge” also inspired me to take better care of my hair. If you haven’t seen his videos already, I HIGHLY recommend Brad Mondo for your hair-care needs:

Day 1: Hippie/GoT Braids?

Fresh, clean hair? No Zumba? Half-up half-down! Already on day one I was feeling sooo much better. I found an easy way to keep hair out of my face, while still having it down to show off those squeaky-clean strands.


This one I was a little hesitant about, but it worked out pretty well! I use spiral hair ties:

They have a lot more grip, and cause less damage for your hair! Plus, they're almost invisible.

Day 3: Boxer (?) Braids

My hair was starting to get greasy, so I just did two dutch braids and a middle-part. Easy enough!

Day 4: Ponytail Twist

I was nearly out of ideas, so I decided to go back to the ponytail. I included a little twist, though (literally!)

Day 5: Star Wars? Coachella? IDK

Okay so my hair was really greasy after sweating up a storm, so I had to get creative. Behold, the faux-mohawk that looks like Star Wars and Coachella had a baby!

I honestly really like this look. It’s unique and an easy way to hide hair in desperate need of washing!!

What did I learn?

  1. Variety can be good for your sanity. Especially when it comes to hair.

  2. I’ve been washing my hair all wrong!! Thank God for Brad Mondo

  3. I need to be taking better care of my hair and changing up my part. A lot of people only part their hair down the middle or to the side. This can actually cause damage to the hair and produce hair-loss. By changing up my part (bangs included!) I gave my hair a nice break and some TLC:

4. When doing your hair, make sure the hairstyle is (relatively) loose. I’m scared of a thing called traction alopecia (hair loss that occurs from tight hairstyles that pull on the hairline). I’ve started massaging castor-oil into my roots, and it’s really been helping my hair! More on that hair-care routine later.

5. I’ve embraced how I look without bangs! My bangs used to be more blunt so I was scared of pinning them back, but changing up my part to include my bangs has helped my confidence. I no longer use my bangs as a curtain! I think I’ll keep them, though. I feel like I look better with bangs :)

All in all, it was a good experience! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to change up their look without doing anything too drastic. Of course, if you wanna shave your hair, more power to you!

Good luck,


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