The ONLY Way to Eat Bread & Olive Oil (today's lunch)

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I had a revelation during lunch today:

I’ve been eating bread with olive oil WRONG this whole time!

My revelation came while I was cooking lunch. I’ve gotten tired of microwaving things, so I’ve been trying to incorporate frying/sauteeing/grilling into my meals (in little ways).

So today, I mixed slices of rotisserie chicken (If you go to Fresh Market on Thursdays, they sell an entire rotisserie chicken for only $5!) with some leftover soy/chili garlic sauce. My family ordered carry-out Thai food a few days ago (we were helping small businesses…totally not like we were sick of cooking or anything). They gave us what tastes like soy sauce mixed with sweet chili sauce...don't quote me on that, though. After sautéing it in my mini frying pan, I added some frozen green onions.

Fun Fact: We’ve always kept frozen parsley, dill, and green onions in our freezer. My grandma started the trend since it's convenient to add in soups and other Russian dishes. We’ve kept the tradition, so we always have an abundance of garnishes freezing away for safekeeping.

I continued to sauté like the amateur chef I am, then poured my freshly whisked egg. Voila! Scrambled eggs with an Asian-inspired rotisserie chicken. Sadly, it only covered half of my plate... I opened the fridge again. That’s when I remembered. My mom and I went on a Whole Foods run the other day, and every time we go we can’t help but buy a freshly baked baguette.

Freshly baked baguettes are arguably the best food creation known to man.

The crisp outside, the soft, comforting inside… we love our baguettes with olives, fresh mozzarella, and olive oil! But before my revelation, we would first warm up the baguette in the microwave, putting the olive oil in a separate bowl to mix with salt and pepper.

I stared at this gorgeous, half-eaten baguette before impulsively pouring olive oil into my already-hot skillet. I sprinkled some salt and coated the baguette slices in the simmering oil, then arranged the pieces on my plate. I also added some sliced cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. For experiment purposes.

Heaven. Pure Heaven.

It’s probably how Italian restaurants get bruschetta to taste so good. I guess I’ve just been living under a rock!

So after today, I say no more! No more microwaving pieces of a baguette to dip into olive oil!

Coat first, thank me later.

Best of luck in your bread + olive oil endeavors!